Booster Club


The mission of the DRHS Booster Club is to promote and create active interest and
spirit in the DRHS football program among parents, students, coaches and the
community at large. The Booster Club is an action oriented group of parents
and volunteers working  to promote athletic excellence, good
sportsmanship and character-building relationships among athletes, coaches and
parents through financial support and volunteerism.   The Booster Club shall
promote parent and community involvement by creating and executing fund raising
activities. Allocation of funds to improve the quality of the DRHS Football
program, supporting academic excellence, and providing a memorable experience to
its athletes is the sole purpose of The Booster Club.



PRESIDENT - John Fitzgerald



TREASURER -Treacey Baxter

SECRETARY - Christine Omitt


 2014 Booster Club Members

Frank & Elisa Amado and Family

Allyna Bay

Melissa Baxter

Treacey Baxter

Jason Beaver and Family

Mike Blythe

Debi Brooks

Brown Family

Michelle Canfield and Family

Angie Centeno

Lisa Chafin

Mike Chesko and Family

Digger Clark

Jess Clark

Ken Cost

Joey and Danielle Crowell

Mark DeCozio

Laura Dunaway

Asheeki Elmore and Family

Mandi Flores and Family

Kristen Kerr

Kristee Day

Donna Daly

Chris Denherder

Paula Dierking

John & Sandy FitzGerald

Betty Flinn

Matt Gracey

Sean Harris

Jeremy & Amy Hathcock

Dean Hays

Thumper Hereford

Heslop Family

Chris Holcomb

Robert & Melissa Irby

Travis Jackson

Joni Jernigan

Greg Jessen

Mike Khalil

Kristen Kerr

John King and Family

Natalie Kittleman and Family

Ko Family

Ryan Kyger and Family

Robbie LaPlante

Roseanne Lucero

Mike & Jennifer Madrid and Family

Jackson Machengo

Patricia and Sharon Magalona

Alex McDonald and Family

Craig Moody

 Coach Maxie

Greg Newton and Family

Arnie & Chris Omitt and Family

Julie Patrick

Joel Reichert

Kenny Rickard

Jose Rivera

Rod Rivera

Rebecca Roush and Family

Paul Selles

Andy Silvas and Family

Karen Sheirer

Connie Spea

Gary Smith

Aaron & Terra Stauss and Family

Mark Sutton and Family

Ta’Ase Family

Fred & Jackie Tafoya

Tevita Taufa and Family

Mike Thompson

Brandon Tomerlin and Family

Todd & Kristine Vorhauer and Family

Christa Walker and Family

Rodger Welin and Family

Doris Woody